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Email Address Privacy
Vallen does not share or sell customer information to other direct marketers. We do not provide your name, address or e-mail address to another party for any reason.

Please be aware that our web site contains links to other sites. Sites independent from Vallen may not have the same privacy practices. We encourage you to look up their practices when you surf to their site.

Registering your email address
We sometimes send our new members a welcoming e-mail to verify their submission. Registered members will occasionally receive information on products, services, or special offers.

Removing Personal Information
If you've registered with us, we do keep your e-mail address on file for future promotions, but we never sell that address to other companies. If you do not want to receive information about new products, new site features or special offers, you can ask to be taken off our e-mail list by simply e-mailing our webmaster at ecommerce_support@Vallen.com and ask to be removed from all Electronic Commerce promotions.

Emailing Vallen
Our goal is to respond back to any email sent to the Vallen website email address (such as ecommerce_support@Vallen.com) by the next business day.

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